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First State Tire Recycling

On the average, one tire is discarded per person each year in the United States. Using a conservative number, that means that Minnesotans discard about 4.75 million tires per year. When laid end-to-end, this amount of tires would cover the entire border of the state of Minnesota, and then some! First State Tire Recycling puts 2.75 million of those tires "back to work" by re-using the tires for various purposes.

First State Tire Recycling accepts scrap tires from all passenger vehicles and trucks and some recreational vehicles:

Tires may be dropped off at our factory office in Isanti. When dropping off tires, customers fill out a short form and pay appropriate fees.
Customers may also contact our Dispatcher at (763) 434-0578 to arrange for pick up and removal at their site

Scrap tires that are no longer road-worthy are recycled in our state-of-the-art facility through a shredding process. The shredded tire material becomes environmentally-friendly Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA). Civil engineers use TDA for “green” construction applications like roadway bedding, embankment support, backfill material for septic systems, basements, and stormwater management, vibration mitigation and other purposes.

Green Aggregate Fill (R.-T.E.A. and Related Products)

Green Aggregate Fill is the company’s product line of various sizes of TDA including our popular larger-sized R.-T.E.A. and a medium-sized TDA called Superstone. A third, smaller size tire derived aggregate is expected to be added soon.

Learn more about Green Aggregate Fill (TDA & R.-T.E.A.):  Download Our Brochure>>>>