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First State Tire Recycling recycles or re-uses all tires disposed of at our facility for a maximum benefit.

Tire recycling prevents human health and safety risks that are created by whole tire stockpiles. These piles are among the most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and their durability. They harbor vermin and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes that can carry disease. Whole tire fires can occur easily, burning for months, creating substantial pollution in the air and ground. Recycling helps to reduce the number of tires in yards or in landfills that can host these problems!

The characteristics which make waste tires such a problem also make them one of the most re-useable and useful recycled materials. First State Tire Recycling recycles tires into Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA) to utilize their beneficial properties in civil engineering applications. Projects that include TDA in their design can gain insulation, drainage, light weight, shear strength, reduced capillary action, and/or the ability to mitigate vibrations.

Civil engineers use TDA’s beneficial properties for construction applications like roadway bedding, embankment support, backfill material for septic systems, basements, and stormwater management, vibration mitigation in light rail lines and other purposes. Green Aggregate Fill the company’s product line of various sizes of TDA including our popular larger-sized R.-T.E.A., and a medium-sized TDA called Superstone. A third, smaller size of tire derived aggregate may be produced soon, too.
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